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ALKY is a genre-bending artist hailing from the Hot City (Phoenix, AZ). His eclectic music style ranges from exuberant rap tracks to heartfelt piano ballads that infuse catchy hooks with lyrical and emotional storytelling. ALKY became a classically trained pianist in 2007, where he also participated in a chamber choir. He went on to learn many other instruments, including guitar, bass, drums, and violin. In 2017, ALKY began producing music, releasing his first single in December of 2017 (dream).

ALKY released Palm Life in the Spring of 2019, with monthly concert announcements following. The LIVE & DIRECT concert series is expected to continue throughout 2019, with shows ranging from intimate venues to festival stages.

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Inspired by Dae Zhen, blackbear, Croosh, 6LACK, Kendrick Lamar, Twenty One Pilots, and many others, ALKY continually challenges his existing library with new and innovative tracks that keep his content fresh and unique.

I've been living like I'm out on the road...”

ALKY - got the keys?

Press Photos

On the set for the 'Gucci Socks' video

On the set for the 'Gucci Socks' video

Live at Candy World Festival, 2019

Live at Candy World Festival, 2019

ALKY pre-show at Unexpected

ALKY pre-show at Unexpected

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